About Us

Al Fahim Group is one of the UAE’s most successful family businesses. Based in Abu Dhabi, the Group has played an intrinsic role in the development of the country’s progressive economy, and continues to harness its assets to deliver on a clearly defined mission: To remain a leading sustainable group of companies providing prosperity for future generations across multiple industries.

Through its portfolio of companies across the automotive, real estate, energy and travel sectors, the Group is a key contributor to Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 leading to a more sustainable and diversified economy.

Vision, Mission and Values


Prosperity Beyond Tomorrow

Interwoven in to the Al Fahim Groups operations, is its active support for numerous charity and philanthropic programmes, both locally and internationally.

The family takes great pride in the accomplishments that initiatives such as the Abdul Jalil Al Fahim & Family Endowment fund have delivered to worthwhile causes, alongside such programmes as Absher, which looks to encourage UAE Nationals in business.


Contact Us

Al Fahim Group, P.O Box 279, Abu Dhabi, UAE TEL: +971 2 656 7000 FAX: +971 2 656 7999 EMAIL: info@alfahim.ae