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Safar Travel & Tourism

One of the first agencies of its kind in Abu Dhabi, Safar Travel & Tourism (formerly known as Abdul Jalil Travel Agency) is a venerable pioneer in the UAE's thriving travel sector. Established in 1966, the Agency today is the General Sales Agent (GSA) for Middle East Airlines (MEA), Cathay Pacific, Swiss International Airlines, and DragonAir, offering a wide range of travel and tourism related services with an inter-continental network of associates and representatives.

Staffed by a team of professional travel consultants, Safar employs the latest state-of-the-art online reservations and administration systems to cope with the immense diversity of its activities. Apart from normal ticketing and reservation services, Safar also handles package tours, hotel reservations, various tailermade airline packages and car rentals worldwide.

Safar's greatest strength is its renowned level of customer service and a reputation for genuine warmth and customer care that does not end with the sale of a ticket or tour package. It is a pleasant surprise for many new clients who do not expect their travel agency to call them up on their return and inquire about their trip. This warm personal touch is perfectly complemented by cutting-edge technology and a well-established network of international associates that allows Safar to offer highly flexible and extremely competitive travel solutions to suit any client's needs and budgets.

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Brands we represent

Cathay Pacific Swiss MEA
DragonAir NasAir  
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Abu Dhabi
PO Box 507
Liwa Street
Tel +971 2 622 5225
Fax + 971 2 622 7395
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Mussafah - Abu Dhabi
Tel +971 2 656 7490
Fax +971 2 656 7856
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Al Ain
PO Box 17950
Lulu Hypermarket Al Kuwaitat
Tel +971 3 780 0818
Fax +971 3 780 0657
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